Ihagee Exakta: The Test Roll


So, I borrowed my friends old Ihagee Exakta. It’s about 60 years old and has not been used for at least 20. I gave it a try and as you can see, it works perfectly. So this was just the test roll, all photos taken at home or at least within 300m from there. Will get serious with this thing now. Story to be continued…

Scannen0014 Scannen0015 Scannen0016 Scannen0025 Scannen0023 Scannen0022 Scannen0020 Scannen0021 Scannen0018 Scannen0017 Scannen0019 Scannen0024

PS: The only thing that really sucks is my scanner. Will have found a solution for that soon. The prints are so much better.

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