Witches! Birds! Hunters! This one’s for you.

I remember meeting Uno M√łller in the dawn of 2009. Laura had asked him if he wanted to play at our exhibition. He said yes and arrived in Vienna. Guitarless. The instrument got lost somewhere by someone employed by some airline. It was the final day of our exhibition.

People started flocking in. Uno had not been in Vienna before and neither had Vienna seen Uno before. No expectations. And in the middle of all the chatting and white wine and photographs on walls, Uno sat down and started playing.

Conversations died, within seconds, and were replaced by some magic feeling that felt warm and intimate. I had to step out on the street for a minute. Perfect moments can be scary too. I was watching the people watching Uno singing. Headlights reflecting in the window. All jigsaw pieces had fallen into place. Cut.

One and a half years later, I was very happy to hear that Uno was about to release his first solo album. Finally! It’s called “Songs From My Beautiful Colourball” and lovely and can be downloaded here. And just like he refused to sell his EPs in Vienna back in the day, when he insisted on giving them away for free (people started giving Laura and me money to pass it on to him, it was weird), Uno and the good people at Lazy Acre Records thought of something special for the album release too.

An online treasure hunt is on, and this blog post is a part of it! In case you have missed the start, you can start collecting the keywords you need here. The prize is as exclusive as it gets. Uno will record an absolutely unique EP, featuring one song written for, by or with the winner and two cover songs of the winners choice. It will be beautifully packaged too. So, today’s keyword is LEAD. Tomorrow’s keyword will be presented by Mr. M√łller himself.

Good luck, hunters.

(Photo Credit: Hanne Bjugstad)

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