Invalid Christmas Department

Before the lights went out

Now those were happy holidays. Fever kicked in right on time on the afternoon of December 24th, taking me out for more than a week. That photo up there was taken minutes before the my lights went out.

Hang me up to dry

Thus, my radius of motion was kind of limited for the last week of the year, plans (and work) destroyed. Before I turned nuts, I started taking photos in and of my appartment.

Books & window

On the upper side, I found something that used to be a rare good in 2010: some time. You should really go and see Black Swan, it’s brilliant.

New vitamins

Those photos here were shot with my analog Canon SLR on ISO 400 film. I had to try, if my various lenses, used for digital purposes mostly, actually work on that camera too. They obviously do.


And that is good good good, because it means, that I do not have to take my digital SLR with me on my trip that is about to start on January 15th.


The trip. I am going Cuba and it’s only ten more nights away. I can’t wait. It will be my first real holidays since summer 2009 and I won’t be back before february, so you have to have fun at the FM4 Geburtstagsfest without me (I’m sure you will).

Happy new year or so!

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