We’re From Barcelona


So. I went to Barcelona. We went to Barcelona. A whole lot of us. And all you get are these pictures and (very) few words. I got my memories too. It was absolutely amazing.

Over Barcelona

And of course there was some sightseeing to do. I had been to BCN before, but not inside and (almost) on top of the Sagrada Familia. I had been to the Camp Nou before. But that’s a place that can definitely be visited twice. At least.


Watching Barca win the Champions League (with enthusiastic barkeepers handing out free drinks after the epic game) on a screen right next to the sea wasn’t too bad neither.


What happened at the Plaza Catalunya on the day after this photo was taken was something completely different. And sad. And shocking. But there was no time for me to return. Something else was going on in the city too. The thing we were there for.


The most wonderful Primavera Sound Festival 2011. No details on performances here, but I’ve seen the most amazing shows. Pulp, The National, Mogwai, The Flaming Lips, James Blake, Caribou, Warpaint, Yuck, Fleet Foxes, Interpol, Perfume Genius, Salem (below). Just to name a few.


I only had the Kleine Schwarze with me this time. An Olympus XA. While that meant no digital close up artist fanciness, I found joy in randomness again. Had not done this for too long.


It was not supposed to be a work-work trip anyway. Another upside was the most beautiful hotel, located right next to the festival site. Pure Dekadenz wird zwar eh sicher niemals siegen, aber ein bissl was davon is manchmal ok. That’s the Llevant stage in the background down there. And me.

After Noon

If I had to choose one concert from the festival, it would have been Pulps impressive return to the big stages. They got it all right. And I got to hear feel This Is Hardcore live.

C, B

And no, even though there were – of course – people saying “fr√ľher war es noch kleiner und viel netter und jetzt ist alles schon so gro√ü und weit und b√∂se“, I could not think of anything better than being at a festival with such a lineup, right next to the ocean, with so many old and new and all good friends. I will be back. I hope you too.

Out Of The Blue

Here are 36 photos in a slideshow on black.
I did.

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