Will You Be There?

Port O'Brien

When all my troubles end. Whenever that may be. I will surely buy a house. You can live there with me. That way when I die. I won’t die alone. I’ll have you there to talk with and hold. If I come back as fire. If I come back as rain. Will you be there to catch me? Will you put out the flame?

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December 06 2009 | live and music and photography | 1 Comment »
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Musikassoziationen XV

Port O'Brien - Fisherman's Son

I’m doing fine in Alaska
I don’t mind the storm
Let all the wind come towards me
Let the diesel engine roar
But I don’t know why I came here
Was it because I was born this way?

Artist: Port O’Brien
Song Title: Fisherman’s Son
Photo: Previously unreleased, from The Scandinavian Diaries sessions.

Personal note: Good music can make me feel dead and alive at once. So good. Thanks.

December 05 2008 | music and photography | No Comments »
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